Vintage Bluetooth speaker – The Minor 8

A genuine 1940s vintage speaker cabinet fitted with Bluetooth technology. Watch the video here.  SOLD

This vintage extension speaker cabinet has been restored and fitted with Bluetooth technology. The unit utilises separate Bluetooth and solid state audio amplifier circuit boards. This facilitates the use of a volume control, with on/off switch, which is mounted on the side of the cabinet. Isolation in the power supply prevents so-called Bluetooth noise.  In other words, this is a well designed and well built unit.

Using the speaker is simplicity itself. Switch the speaker on. On your iPhone or iPad, switch on Bluetooth, connect to the speaker and listen to your favourite music or internet radio station. Simplicity is the essence of this speaker. Apart from the volume on/off control, there are no buttons or switches to worry about.

Our Bluetooth conversions work with Amazon Echo. ‘Alexa, connect my speaker!

The unit requires a 5 Volt phone charger-type plug-in power supply which is NOT supplied. These chargers are very common and most people have at least a couple at home. There are no other wires or connections to complicate things.

Approximate measurements of the cabinet: width, not including volume control knob = 31cms, height = 26cms, depth = 13cms. Speaker diameter = 8 inches. We use acoustic wool or wadding in all our speaker enclosures for damping purposes and reducing standing waves. Without getting too technical, this helps to eliminate vibration and improves sound quality.

Speaker base
Speaker base

This photo shows the base of the cabinet, which is rather interesting. The numbers were probably for identification. During the forties and fifties, speakers were used in factories and workplaces. Speaker 232 might have been located in the machine shop, main entrance. Just a thought! I’ve left the numbers intact as they are part of the speaker’s history.

Please note: this is not a cheap Bluetooth speaker fitted into a vintage speaker cabinet. I have over fifty years experience in radio and electronics servicing and repairs. You may rest assured that this Bluetooth speaker works well and, using only 5 Volts, the unit is safe.