Sold Items

Many of our items sell very quickly. If you’re interested in an item on our for sale page, don’t hang about!

To give you an idea of what we sell, we’ve listed a few recently sold items here.

A vintage loudspeaker – The Minor 8

A vintage radio – The Pilot Little Maestro 

A Raymond Electric vintage valve radio Model F17

Vintage GPO rotary dial telephone – The Phone

Acroprint 125 clocking-in machine – Clock On

Whiteley Stentorian extension loud speaker – The Stuart

Whiteley Stentorian extension loud speaker – The Bude

Vintage extension loud speaker – The Philco

A vintage valve radio converted to Bluetooth – The Pye

A steampunk lamp – The Electricity Meter

A steampunk lamp – The Voltmeter

A steampunk lamp – The Time Switch