Pilot Little Maestro Radio Bluetooth

This is a Little Maestro by Pilot Radio which has been converted to Bluetooth. Only £175.00 with free postage to the U.K. mainland.  SOLD

Pilot Maestro radio
Pilot Maestro radio

This Little Maestro by Pilot Radio is in good condition for its age, Circa 1945. Play your favourite music from your iPhone or iPad through this Bluetooth vintage radio. There are thousands of internet radio stations worldwide for you to choose from. Just find a station on your iPhone or iPad, and listen through this beautiful vintage radio.

The volume control and on/off switch operate the Bluetooth receiver and amplifier. The tuning knob moves the dial pointer and the wave change switch has been left in situ, but the original circuitry has been removed. The Pilot logo lights up when the power is on, adding to the originality of this vintage beauty.

Our Bluetooth conversions work with Amazon Echo. ‘Alexa, connect my speaker!

Please note: the radio has been converted to Bluetooth. It no longer operates as a valve radio. As with all our our Bluetooth conversions, our aim is to retain that authentic vintage radio sound. We do this by utilising the original loud speaker. If you’re looking for a drum and bass boom box, then this radio isn’t for you.