Photo Gallery

To give you an insight as to what we do at Hector’s Attic, we’ve added a few photos for your perusal.

The Electricity Meter lamp sold very quickly, as did the Volt Meter lamp. We decided that the little porch light was really nice, so we kept it and hung it in our porch. Well, why not?

The Pilot Little Maestro vintage radio sold within two hours of listing. Don’t worry, I’m working hard on another radio!  The Bluetooth vintage speaker is for sale, even though it does go rather well in our dining room and I’d like to keep it. It’s great for listening to internet radio stations from my iPad. It’s so tempting to hang on to the things we’ve made but… I suppose I shouldn’t purloin the stock! The Bluetooth Coffee Table is a prototype and not for sale. However, we will soon have one for sale.

The above photos show some stock items awaiting our attention. The time clock works and keeps good time. It’s for clocking in and out of work but we thought it might make a quirky steampunk lamp. The electric fire might become a steampunk lamp or Bluetooth speaker or… Hmm, that one needs some thought. The jar and rope lamp is fun and will be for sale soon.

The photos above show a Pye vintage valve radio which has been converted to Bluetooth. It’s a great shame when a valve radio is beyond repair or restoration. However, rather than dump the radio, it’s nice to think that its life can extended by utilizing modern technology. The KB Toaster radio was also beyond repair and has been given a new lease of life with Bluetooth technology.