Bluetooth vintage radio – KB Toaster

This is a KB model FB10 vintage valve radio which has been converted to Bluetooth. Only £145.00 with free postage to the U.K. mainland. Watch the video here.

Bluetooth Vintage KB Toaster Radio
Bluetooth Vintage KB Toaster Radio

This lovely little radio is known as the KB Toaster, because it resembles a toaster. The radio is circa 1953 and was manufactured by Kolster Brandes, commonly known as KB.

Sadly, the radio was beyond repair so, rather than scrap it, we’ve added Bluetooth technology and given it a new lease of life. It now works as a Bluetooth speaker, not a valve radio.

Using the converted radio is simplicity itself. Switch the unit on. Then, on your iPhone, iPad or other device, switch on Bluetooth, connect to the speaker and listen to your favourite music or internet radio station. Simplicity is the essence of this converted radio. Apart from the volume on/off control, there are no buttons or switches to worry about.

Our Bluetooth conversions work with Amazon Echo. ‘Alexa, connect my speaker!

The original volume, on-off knob has been retained and now switches the Bluetooth power on or off and controls the volume. The unit Requires a 5 Volt phone charger type power supply which is NOT supplied. These chargers are very common and most people have at least a couple at home.

As with all our our Bluetooth conversions, our aim is to retain that authentic vintage radio sound, as far as possible. If you’re looking for a drum and bass boom box, then this radio isn’t for you.

Most valve radios that come our way can be restored, and we sell them on for restoration. However, a few have good cabinets but the insides are too far gone. For example, the KB radio pictured here was beyond repair. But, by adding Bluetooth technology, we’ve given the radio a new lease of life.

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