Bluetooth Bread Bin Speaker

The Bread Bin Bluetooth Speaker
The Bread Bin Bluetooth Speaker

A genuine Bread Bin fitted with Bluetooth technology. Watch the video here.

Coming soon, the Bluetooth Bread Bin Stereo Speaker. It’s taking shape nicely. The speakers have been installed, the next job will be to fit the speaker grilles, the Bluetooth circuitry and…

No kitchen should be without a Bluetooth speaker. But why settle for a nondescript plastic speaker box? Why not choose something more in-keeping with your kitchen? Especially something unique. Such as… a lovely wood Bread Bin!

You can’t keep bread in the bin because there’s no room, what with the speakers and electronics. But you can rock around the kitchen while you work!


The Bread Bin is almost complete and is now undergoing audio tests. The results are amazing. The volume is good with nice bass and, overall, the stereo sound fills our kitchen beautifully. What better place to test it other than a kitchen?