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Ray Tricia Hector’s Attic
Ray and Tricia

Hi, we are Ray and Tricia, a husband and wife team. Team Hector! From table lamps, electricity meters,  volt and ammeters, to adding Bluetooth to extension speakers and vintage valve radios… We upcycle, recycle, repurpose, shabby chic, steampunk and Bluetooth all manner of things.

While Tricia is the creative genius, I have a background in electronics spanning over fifty years. I started out as a radio and TV apprentice engineer back in 1960s, and I’ve never looked back. I’m still repairing and restoring vintage valve radios, but I’m also adding Bluetooth to customers’ radios.

Steampunk Lamps

Steampunk electricity meter lamp

These are lamps crafted from old industrial or electrical items, or just about anything vintage. The photo shows an electricity meter lamp. Not only is the lamp useful but, to add interest, the meter numbers change as it uses electricity.

Just out of interest, the word, steampunk, is associated with a genre of science fiction that involves technology and designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery. Lamps can be made from virtually anything. Copper pipes, engine parts, electric motors, you name it! Some creations are amazing, some are… Er, not so amazing!

Bluetooth vintage speakers

Bluetooth Vintage Speaker
Bluetooth Vintage Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have become extremely popular recently. The vintage speaker shown here has had modern electronics fitted in order to listen to music or radio stations from your iPhone, iPad or other Bluetooth device.

We use acoustic wool and or wadding in our speaker enclosures for damping purposes and to reduce standing waves. Without getting too technical, this helps to eliminate vibration and improves sound quality.

Bluetooth vintage radios

Pilot Maestro radio
Pilot Maestro radio

Important: we do not destroy vintage valve radios in order to convert them to Bluetooth. We only add Bluetooth to radios which can’t be restored. To destroy a valve radio which could be restored to its former glory is sacrilege.

The majority of our customers’ radios can be restored. However, a few have very good cabinets but the insides are too far gone. For example, the radio pictured above was minus valve bases and IF transformers. Someone had been at it and stripped it of parts. The only option for a new lease of life was to add Bluetooth technology.

Our Bluetooth conversions work with Amazon Echo. ‘Alexa, connect my speaker!

Adding Bluetooth to your radio

We can add Bluetooth technology to most vintage radios. If you’re thinking about having Bluetooth added to your radio, you might want to read this.

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